Metallic watercolour snowflakes

Design team Papermill Direct

Metallic watercolour snowflakes

Items needed

• Prima metallic accents watercolours

• Papermill Direct Black card 240gsm, rose gold iridescent, mixed non-shed glitter silver

• Gems to decorate

• Hobbycraft snowflake dies large and small

• Sissix Merry Christmas die

• Blank A6 card

1. Cut a piece of black card 12.5 x 17.5cm.

2. Start with reddish colour in the middle of the card. Then going up the card watercolour going into copper, gold and silver

3. Then going down card from the red, with the watercolours purple and blues.

4. Dry the card with a heat tool or leave to dry naturally.

5. Go over the colours again in the same colour order to darken the concentration on the colours. Leave to dry again or dry with a heat tool.

6. Cut out different sized snowflakes in silver glitter card.

7. Stick the snowflakes to the colourful background with them coming from the right hand top corner to the bottom left corner.

8. Die cut the Merry Christmas in white card 3 times and then another in rose gold, stack together in wet glue.

9. Stick the Merry Christmas in the right hand corner of the card.

10. Add some gems around the snowflakes.

11. Mount the black card on to the A6 card with double sided tape.

DT Papermill Direct – Christmas Poinsettia card

Christmas Poinsettia card
You will need
• Papermill Direct card – Xmas red sparkle print card, sea blue sparkle print card, non shed glitter silver card, cream pearlised card, Xmas green pearlised card, white card
• Mini die poinsettia (Hobbycraft)
• Merry Christmas die (Sizzix)
• Anita’s tacky glue
• Small foam squares
• Round circle die 5”
• 6” square blank
How to make
1. Cut 20 poinsettia leaves/petals out of the Xmas red sparkle card.
2. Cut 30 individual leaves out in the Xmas green.
3. Cut 10 middle of the flower sections out in the silver glitter card.
4. Using the tacky glue, stick two of the red flowers together off set to each other, so you can see the petals underneath.
5. Stick the silver centre in the middle of the flower.
6. With each red flower, stick three green leaves to the underside around the flower. Add a small foam square.
7. Cut a 5” circle from the sea blue sparkle card and 5.5” square from the cream pearlised card.
8. Stick the blue circle to the cream square.
9. Stick the first poinsettia to the top of the circle and then go round the circle, covering up the edge of the circle.
10. Cut out three of the Merry Christmas titles from the white card. Layer up the three die cuts using tacky glue. Cut the final title out with the silver glitter card and stick to the stack.
11. Stick the Merry Christmas to the centre of the card, in the middle of the poinsettia ring.
12. Glue onto the square card blank.

Flamingo Love Card

Flamingo Love

Design Team project for Hobbybase

Items needed
• Wild Animals 2 Jungle bird die set
• Small Flower punch
• Dovecraft flowers and leaves dies DCDIE066
• Jane Davenport mermaid pens
• Green card – different shades for leaves
• Red card
• Pink foam
• Pink card
• Square dies 10.5cm/4” and 8cm/3”
• Water colour paper

1. Create a pink frame using the two square dies and the pink card.

2. Using the jungle animal dies cut out and different green coloured card, cut out the leaves about 5-6 times.

3. Cut the leafs down into sections. I used mainly the plant designs at the ends of each side.

4. Cut the small leaf designs out as well, about 10 times for added foliage. And cut 9 small red flowers out also.

5. Layer your leaves onto the pink frame, starting with the larger flowers and adding the small leaves in between the layers. Once happy with your design stick down using wet glue.

6. Punch out some small red flowers to add contrast and a pop of colour.

7. On a square piece of Watercolour paper (about the size of the frame) use the mermaid pens to create a sunset background to place the flamingos on to. Use a white pen to create movement on the water.

8. Cut the flamingos out of pink foam and colour over them with two different shades of pink felt tip pens, to add dimension.

9. Stick the sunset piece to your card blank and add the flamingos to it. Place your frame over the top and stick down.

Floral circle frame gatefold card

Floral circle frame gatefold card

Featured in Simply Cards Magazine 191

Time to make – 30mins – 1 hour

Items needed

Wow! Embossing powder superfine clear
Versa Fine ink black
White Daler Rowney Mixed media card
A4 white card
Orange card
Versa Colour 91 Gold and black
Distress Oxides Inks – Ripe Persimmon, Picked raspberry, Worn lipsticks, Squeezed lemonade, Twisted citron
M&C Boutique circle stitch nest dies – 1.5” and 2”
Mama Makes floral corner stamp
Mama Makes sentiment stamp – Thinking of you
M&C Boutique square stitch dies – 4” and 4.5”

1) Stamp the floral circle frame onto the white media card with black ink and then cover in clear embossing powder, heat. Die cut the image with the 4” square die.

TIP 1 – Use an anti-static pad before you stamp your image, so the embossing powder doesn’t stick to unwanted places.

2) Do a loose water colour over the image with the distress oxides. In the flowers and leaves use a more concentrated colour to make them stand out.

3) Die cut an orange 4.5” square.

4) Using the A4 card mark where the middle of the card is along the longest side (middle is 14.9cm) Then fold the short edges to the middle, this forms your card. Cut 6cm off the bottom of the card to make it a 6×6 square card.

TIP 2 – Use a bone folder to get nice crisp edges or a score board.

5) Using the 1.5” circle die cut the middle out of the floral circle.

6) One the orange card using the floral circle piece, line up where the card will sit when mounted together. Then draw around the circle with a pencil onto the orange card. Using the 2” circle, cut where you have marked the circle.

7) Cut the floral card in half and do the same with the orange card. Layer the two haves together with 3D foam.

8) To create the hole in the middle of the gate card use the 1.5” circle die. Tape the die to the middle of the card and make sure there’s something in between the layers so it doesn’t go through the other side of the card.

9) Stick the orange and floral piece to each side of the gate with double-sided sticky tape.

10) Close the card and line up where to stamp the sentiment in black ink.

TIP 3 – Using a stamp platform for this step makes it a lot easier to do and get the sentiment

11) Stamp the floral corner stamp in the left bottom corner and the right top corner.


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Simply Cards Magazine

Water colour floral corner stamp and butterflies

Water colour floral corner stamp and butterflies

Featured in Simply Cards Magazine 191

Time to make – 20mins

Items needed

Standard fold card
White Daler Rowney Mixed media card
Cut and Make mini fantasy butterfly die 9151611
Yellow card
Wow! White pearl superfine embossing powder WE10SF
Emboss embossing stamp pad clear
Distress Oxides Inks – Ripe Persimmon, Picked raspberry, Worn lipsticks, Squeezed lemonade, Twisted citron
Nuvo Crystal drops Ivory seashell
Mama Makes stamp– If friends were flowers I would pick you
Mama Makes Floral corner stamp
Wow! Embossing powder metallic copper super fine WC02SF
Versa Fine ink black

1) Cut the white card to 11x16cm. Using the clear ink pad stamp the floral corner on to the left hand corner.

TIP 1- Use a stamp platform to get the image straight on the card

2) Cover the stamped image in the metallic copper and heat.

3) Colour in the plants and flowers with the oxides. I then took a spray bottle and sprayed the wet paint, moving the water over the card until it was all covered in colour. Leave to dry.

TIP 2 – If the colour isn’t intense enough, drop some colour into the moving water.

4) Cut out 3 butterflies and cover in clear ink. Cover the butterflies in the pearl embossing powder and heat.

TIP 3 – Use tweezers or a pokey tool to hold the butterflies, that way they don’t blow away or you don’t get burnt.

5) Stamp the sentiment in the corner of the card. Mount onto the yellow card and add 3D foam onto the back, to add to card blank

6) Stick the butterflies to card with wet glue. To finish the card off, use the Nuvo drops to add 5 dots behind each butterfly.


Mama Makes Store

Craft Stash

Simply Cards Magazine

Hooray for today Z Fold card

Hooray for today Z Fold card

Featured in Simply Cards Magazine 191

Time to make – 30mins – 1 hour

Items needed

First Edition paper pad Sweet Nothings
A4 white card
Versa fine ink pad gold and black
Sizzix Framelits 5 piece nesting dies label Frames Fancy 657575
Mama Makes Floral circle stamp
Mama Makes Sentiment stamp – Hooray for today

1) To make the Z fold card cut the A4 card to measure 14x28cm. Score along the long edge at 7cm and 14cm (2 3⁄4” and 5 1⁄2”), then mountain and valley each fold.

2) Cut one piece of patterned paper to measure 13.5×13.5cm and two pieces that measure

3) Cut two label frames in two different sizes. The smaller one in white card and the larger one in patterned paper.

TIP 1 – To make frame strong cut a piece of white card and then another patterned piece. Stick all the pieces together to make a sturdy centre piece.

4) On the white frame stamp the sentiment. Using strong double-sided sticky tape; stick the tape only on half the frame so it can be stuck over the edge of the card, on the small panel. It should look like it’s in the middle of the card when closed.

5) Line up the circle frame behind the sentiment frame. Using gold ink stamp the frame on to the inside part of the card. This should frame the outside of the sentiment frame.

TIP 2- use a stamp platform to get it lined up correctly.
Tip 3- You could also add a sentiment to the middle of the gold floral frame.


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My favourite place is inside your hug card

My favourite place is inside your hug card using Mama Makes Stamps

Featured in Simply Cards Magazine 191

Time to make – 30mins – 1 hour

Materials needed

Distress Oxides Inks – Ripe Persimmon, Picked raspberry, Worn lipsticks, Squeezed lemonade, Twisted citron
5”x5” card blank
Black card 4.5”x 4.5”
Mama Makes sentiment stamp – My favourite place is inside your hug
Mama Makes Floral Square
Daler Rowney white Mixed media card
Versa Colour 91 Gold
Wow! Black embossing powder
3D Foam
M&C Boutique square stitch dies – 1.5”, 4” and 4.5”
Black Versa fine ink

1) Cut the white card with a square die to 4”.

2) Stamp the floral square onto the white square using black ink.

TIP 1- Using a stamp platform makes it easier to stamp the image, especially if you miss any bits.

3) Cover the image in black embossing powder, knocking any excess off.

TIP 2 – Use an anti-static pad before you stamp your image, so the embossing powder doesn’t stick to unwanted places.

4) Using the Distress Oxides inks and a large stamp block I added the ink on to the acrylic block and added some water to each of the colours, to make paint. Colour in the plants and flowers with the oxides and then dry. Around the edge of the square add water and slowly add colour (like orange and yellow) into the water, to create a watercolour effect that’s blended together.

5) Stamp the hug sentiment on to the 1.5” square and cut out a black square 4.5”.

TIP 3 – Edge the squares with gold ink pad to make them stand out.

6) On the sentiment square add 3D foam to the back and attach to the middle of the floral square. Stick the floral square onto the black card with double sided sticky tape. Then 3D foam on the back of the black card to the card blank.

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Happy Birthday circle card

Happy Birthday circle Card using Mama Makes Stamps

Featured in Simply Cards Magazine 191

Time to make – 1-2 hours

  • Materials needed
  • Distress Oxides Inks – Ripe Persimmon, Picked raspberry, Worn lipsticks, Squeezed lemonade, Twisted citron
  • Simply Creative Pink Gems
  • Distress spray Tarnished Brass
  • M&C Boutique circle stitch nest dies – 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”
  • Mama Makes Happy Birthday stamp
  • Mama Makes Floral Square
  • Nuvo Crystal Drops – Dandelion yellow
  • 6”x6” square white card blank
  • Daler Rowney Mixed media card
  • Versa Fine black ink
  • 3D foam


1) Using the square floral stamp I only used part of the design with the large flower and leaves. I stamped these sections 12 times each.

2) Using the Distress Oxides inks and a large stamp block I added the ink on to the acrylic block and added some water to each of the colours, to make paint. I used Ripe Persimmon for 6 flowers and Picked Raspberry for the other 6 flowers. For the leaves on the flowers and stem of leaves I used Twisted Citron.

3) Once dry I carefully fussy cut all the flowers and leaves out.

4) Using circle dies, I cut out 3 circles (2.5”, 3”& 3.5”) with the white card.

5) On the 2.5” circle I stamped Happy Birthday in black ink. The 3” circle I coloured with Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry. I blended the coloured together. And the 3.5 I coloured with Squeezed Lemonade and Twisted Citron. And again blended them together.

6) Place some 3D foam on the back of the white and pink circle.

TIP 1- Make sure you don’t put the 3D foam right to the edges of the circle, this is so there’s room to stick your flowers and leaves under.

7) On the pink circle alternate the colours of the flowers, as you’re sticking them down. On the green circle add the stem of leaves in between the flowers.
8) On the blank card add spatters of gold with a fan brush.

TIP 2- You can use any gold paint for the splatters
TIP 3 – Use different sized fan brushes or brushes to get different sized splatters.

9) Stick your circle of flowers on to the blank card with double sided tape. Finish your card off by adding gems and yellow Nuvo drops to the stars.

Mama Makes Store

‘Chase your dreams’ card using Mama Makes Stamps

Chase your dreams card

The finished card

Featured in Craft Stamper magazine April 2019


White mixed media card
Grey card
Wow super fine metallic gold embossing powder WC01SF
Distress Oxide abandoned coral
Distress Oxide Squeezed lemonade
Versafine ink Black and Smokey grey

Stamps Mama Makes Floral Corner, Mama Makes Floral
circle, Mama Makes Floral Sentiments
Other materials… Double sided sticky tape and foam pads

STEP ONE: Cut your white card to 10x10cm. Cover your card using a anti
static-pad. Stamp your card with the Floral circle stamp with clear ink. Cover
in fine gold embossing powder and heat.

STEP TWO: Cut a circle the same size of the middle of the embossed image
and use this to mask this area. Using the distress oxide abandoned coral,
colour around the edge in the middle, so there’s about 1-2cm of colour around
the middle. Using distress oxide squeezed lemonade, blend in with the coral
and take to the edges of the design. It should resemble a sun set.

STEP THREE: Back the embossed card on a piece of 11x11cm dark grey or
black card. This helps to make the card really stand out.

STEP FOUR: On a square blank card stamp the Floral corner stamp in grey
ink, on the left hand side and reverse the process in the right hand corner.

STEP FIVE: Using the Floral sentiment set I stamped the words “Chase your
dreams in the centre of the circle with black ink.

STEP SIX: On the back of your embossed circle piece add some 3D foam
and stick to the centre of your card.

To finish the project: To finish off the card, I lightly buffed the embossed
image with a tissue or cotton pad to make sure all the ink was off the gold, so
it was nice and shiny.

Top tool… I found using a stamp platform with this card made it easier to line
everything up and make sure it’s straight. Plus if you miss any bits you can go
over it.

Why not try?… using different colour combinations to get different looks. Like
Picked Raspberry and Wilted Violet in the Distress Oxides.


The new Floral Collection stamps and Wow embossing powders are available
from Mama Makes, Mama Makes Store

Distress Oxides are available from Craft Stash, Craft Stash

DT Gift tags using Sizzix dies from Hobbybase

Sizzix Tags

Items used

·         Sizzix Thinlets Birthday Boy 662590

·         Brown tags and string

·         Coloured textured paste


A.      Both the tags where made in the same way. I used coloured texture paste for the background of the tags. Purple/white on the cup cake tag and blue/white on the truck tag.

B.      I added the texture paste to the tag using an old gift card and swiped it across the tag in different directions to add interest.

C.      I cut all the die cuts out of coloured card and used 3d foam to add dimension.

D.      Then added coloured string to the tag, ready for a present.

DT Dinosaur card using Sizzix dies from Hobbybase

Happy Birthday dinosaur card

Items used

  • ·         Sizzix Thinlets Birthday Boy 662590
  • ·         Coloured card
  • ·         Dovecrafts Back to Basic paper pad Over the Rainbow
  • ·         Happy Birthday die – Hobbycraft Intricut

    A.      For this card I used the two different dinosaurs, and used brown and green card for them.

    B.      I then cut out the present, with box and the balloons in bright colours.

    C.      For the background I used the shape paper from the paper pack and covered the whole of the black card with it. For the middle piece I used the rainbow paper, cutting it into strip across the card.

    D.      I cut the happy birthday title out of black card so it stood out from all the colours.

    E.       I assembled the card with the dinosaurs either side of the present and balloons with their party hat on!

    DT Hobbybase – Girl on swing with distress oxide background

    Items used to created this card
    • Nellie’s choice clear silhouet stamp – swinging
    • Watercolours
    • Distress oxides – scattered straw, worn lipstick, festive berries
    • Clear sticker
    • Black card for backing

    1. For the background I started with scattered straw distress oxide on mixed media card. I then added worn lipstick a third of the way up and then festive berries at the top. I made sure as I went along to blend each one into each other, creating a nice sunset effect.

    2. On another piece of mixed media card, the same size as the sunset piece. I painted the trunk of a tree on the left hand side and created brunches. Adding in leaves and grass for detail. Making sure there was a branch for adding the swinging girl.

    3. I cut around the tree and backed it with double sided sticky tape.

    4. I carefully stamped the girl onto card using versafine black ink and cut around her.

    5. I backed the sunset onto black card and then stuck the tree onto the background, adding the swing into the branches of the tree. Then added onto a card blank.

    6. To finish the card I added a small clear sticker.

    I created this card for Hobbybase


    Art Journal Page

    Hi Crafty people!

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog post, so I thought I would share my latest art journal page and how I made it. My scrapbook is from Trimcraft.

    What I used

    1. Faber Castle Gelatos
    2. Prima Marketing Oil Pastels And Stamps
    3. TCW stencil – mini stitched art
    4. Visible Image stamp – Outside the Lines
    5. Gesso
    6. Gold ink pad
    7. Stencils I made on my Silhouette
    8. Crushed grape dylusions paint

    I started my page using the gelatos. I used pinks and purples on one side and greens and blues on the other side. Making sure there was a lighter patch in the middle. I added lines of yellow to each side to add a bit of contrast.

    On my Silhouette I had made a circle stencil and a coffee stain stencil, which I thought I could use on my layout.

    I put the circle stencils in the middle of the page and used some purple dylusions paint in the circles with my finger, going down the page. I dried this with my heat tool and added white gesso on top. Using my oil pastels I stated building up the colour with a dark blue and black to make the circles look more round and dimensional.

    To make them stand out I used black oil pastel around the edge, smudging the lines, to add a grey colour around the outside of the circles. I built up the colour until I was happy.

    I used my stencils to add a bit on interest on the two coloured parts. Using the coffee stain and TCW stencil, with white gesso and a gold ink pad. I also stamped on the circles with gold ink with a round musical stamp from Prima.

    On some white card stock I stamped the Visible Image stamp ‘Creative People Colour Outside The Lines’ I thought this was quite fitting for this page. This finished off the page quite nicely!

    Thanks for reading and see you soon for another crafty project

    Kat x

    The Journey Begins

    Thanks for joining me!

    Hi I’m Katharine or Kat as I’m mostly known by. I’ve been crafting for around 14 years now. I’ve tried my hand at many crafts over the years from card making, scrapbooking, weaving, jewellery making, cross stitch, glass painting, mix media, planning and cake making too. I’m currently learning to crochet (knitting didn’t go so well) and trying to make my first blanket. I always want to learn and create better things!

    I thought I would try blogging to be able to share my ideas and be inspired by others too, to create more.

    I’m on the Design Team For Mama Makes Stamps, so I will be showing how you can create different layouts in your planners with stamps and other crafty ideas. If your’re a new customer you can use ‘IMNEW’ to get 20% off at

    I’m also on the PR Team for the Organised Hedgehog where you can buy craft items from brands such as Simple Stories, Websters Pages and even OliClips. I have a code you can use too, to get 10% off, which is ORGANISEDKAT10

    My Instagram is where I upload pictures pretty much on a daily basis! From my lasest craft purchases to new craft projects and ideas.

    Lets get crafting!


    Wedding Cake I made in April 2017


    What you create doesn’t have to be perfect – Dieter F. Uchtdorf




    One of my favourite cakes that I’ve made (Feb 2018)


    DT Bee happy card

    Bee happy card

    Design Team project Hobbybase

    Items needed

    •       Wild Animals 2 Jungle frame die
    •       Dovecraft Bee Happy stamps
    •       Green metallic card
    •       Memento ink – Cottage Ivy
    •       Water colour card
    •       Water colours
    •       Versafine – Onyx black
    •       Square card blank

    1.      Cut the water colour card to 5×5” for the background.

    2.      Cut two jungle leaves out of the metallic car, turning the card over to get two alternative sides cut.

    3.      Using the fern stamp, stamp a bushy boarder along the bottom on the water colour card.

    4.      Place the leaf frame over the top to workout where to stamp the bee stamp and sentiment. Stamp in black ink.

    5.      Using your watercolours create a wash blue background around your stamped image. Give the bee some colour too.

    6.      Glue on the leaves alternatively to give a layered look and stick to your card blank.

    Toucan Happy Birthday

    Toucan Happy Birthday

    Design Team Project for Hobbybase
    Items needed

    • 3 different shades of green – dark green for the background piece 14x14cm
    • Red paper/ card (small bits for flowers and toucan)
    • Orange card (for toucan beak)
    • White card
    • Black card
    • Wet glue
    • Small flower punch
    • Intricate sentiment – Happy Birthday die
    • Wild Animals 2 Jungle Birds die set
    1. Cut the dark green background piece to 14x14cm.

    2. Cut the jungle leaves/ flower die out in two different green colours twice, so you have 4 in total.

    3. Stick the jungle leave/ flowers over lapping each other in a frame shape, with the different colours contrasting each other.

    4. Punch out 6 small red flowers and stick them on to the leaves/ flowers.

    5. Die cut the happy birthday sentiment out in black card 4 times and once in white card. Layer them all together with the white card on top using the wet glue.

    6. Stick the happy birthday sentiment in the middle of the leaves frame.

    7. Die cut the toucan twice in black card, stick them together with out the cut of bits.

    8. Glue the toucan to card perching on the happy word.

    9. Die cut the toucan again in the red, orange and white card.

    10. Carefully glue the small coloured pieces into the beak and face.

    DT We’re all Mad Here Card

    We’re all Mad Here card

    Design Team project for Hobbybase

    Items needed

    • Wild Animals 2 Jungle frame die
    • Visible image stamp – The Cheshire Cat
    • Versafine onyx black
    • Wow! Embossing powder metallic gold
    • Pebeo drawing gum
    • Distress oxides – stormy sky, chipped sapphire, wilted violet, black soot
    • 6×6 Square card blank
    • 13x13cm piece of card
    • Two different shades of green card
    1. Cut out 3 jungle frames, two in dark green and one in a lighter green.

    2. Place the cut out frames onto the piece of 13×13 piece of card (don’t glue down yet) and roughly work out where the middle is. This is where you’ll stamp the cats eyes and mouth stamp.

    3. Stamp the cats eyes and mouth stamp in black ink and leave to dry.

    4. Once it’s fully dried using drawing gum paint over the stamped image, being carefully to keep within the lines. Leave to dry over night.

    5. Once the gum paste has dried, blend the distress oxides over the image. Start with wilted violet, over the Cheshire cats face. Adding chipped sapphire to edges of the violet and then stormy sky and black soot at the edges. Blend it all until you’re happy with the look.

    6. Carefully rub away the gum paste from the eyes and mouth, either using your finger or a using a glue Remover rubber.

    7. Stamp at the bottom “we’re all mad here” with clear ink and heat emboss with gold powder.

    8. Add the darker shade of green leaves first, the. Add the lighter green leaves it the opposite way round. Add the other darker leaves to the top but don’t put it exactly on top of each other so you see the other leaves from the bottom layer.

    9. Stick card piece to card blank with double sided sticky tape.